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Friends & Classmates
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From U of B

bullet Milind Nagda (University of Texas, Austin ECE, Now AMD)
bullet Saurabh Chheda (University of Massachusetts EE)
bullet Rahul Rao (University of Michigan EECS)
bullet Govind Subbarao (University of Alberta EE)
bullet Rajaraman Parameswaran (Virginia Tech EE)
bullet Vibhor Sonpar (Penn State EE)
bulletFreddy Kharoliwalla (Michigan State University)
bulletGanesh Pai (University of Virginia ECE)
bullet Sumit Gwalani (UCSB)

From Carnegie Mellon

bullet Rohyt Belani (CMU, FoundStone)
bullet Michel Imhasly (EPFL,Switzerland)
bullet Michael D Wagner (CMU Robotics Institute)
bulletArjunan Rajeswaran (CMU ECE)
bulletDapeng Wu (CMU ECE)
bullet Bryan Kuntz (CMU, Oracle)

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