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VESIT is the Vivekananda Educational Society's Institute of Technology situated in Bombay, India, Asia.

VESIT caters to degree studies in electronics, electronics and communication, computer and instrumentation engineering. It's students have regularly been topping the Mumbai University to which it is affiliated.


Vivekanand Education Society, a premier Education Society of Mumbai is recognized as one of the premier Education Societies of Mumbai. It is doing yeomen service to the society for the past 33 years. V.E.S. now manages more than 20 Institutions spread over a wide campus in and around Chembur, Mumbai (India). These include a Creche for the tiny tots, a number of Pre-primary, Primary, and High Schools, Graduate College for Science, Arts and Commerce, two Polytechnics, an Engineering College and a college offering Post Graduate Studies in Management apart from other Vocational Training Centres. All these Institutions have earned a special name for themselves and are rated amongst the top Institutions in Mumbai.


Vivekanand Education Society has its goals set very high. It has itself committed to the society to offer the best quality education at affordable prices to the public at large, and this commitment along with the strict discipline has ensured quality to be maintained at all levels of Education. All this has been made possible because of the stronge commitment to the cause by the Trustees motivated and guided by our beloved Late Shri Hashu Advani. Every individual staff member of V.E.S. has instilled into him/her this sense of commitment and it is this untiring effort of every individual that has made this dream a reality. Our beloved Shri Hashu Advaniji had always had a dream...a dream to set up an Ultra Modern Research Centre for research in the frontiers of Engineering and Technology -- a centre which can manifest itself into developing and using Science, Engineering and Technology for the upliftment of the standard of living of the common man in India. And now, V.E.S. feels that the time has come to make a humble beginning at setting up such a Research Foundation.


The envisaged Research Foundation will have the primary objective of functioning as a premier Research and Development centre in the Fundamental and Applied areas of Engineering and Technology, with an initial thrust into the Applications to the present world problems. This centre will house several eminent Scientists and Engineers and will function as a nodal centre for
research and development for the Industry. Being in Mumbai, it offers a good opportunity of interaction with the Industry at large. The Foundation plans to immediately start R & D activities in the areas of Telecommunications, Computer, Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering related fields. These areas are presently being headed by the respective Heads of the departments at our Institute of Technology.


To offer and undertake collaborative projects and assignments with Industry and Research Centres abroad.

To offer and undertake development projects on a consulting basis to Industry in India.

To undertake Research and Development activities in the forefront technologies areas with a primary objective of the upliftment of the society in general.


V.E.S. Institute of Management Studies: Offers two year full time Master's programme in Management with a specialization in the fields of Finance, Marketing and Operations. Also offers part time Post Graduate Diploma
programmes in Management.  

V.E.S. Institute of Technology: Offers a full time four year Bachelor's Degree programme in Engineering in the areas of Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering. Plans are afoot to start the M.C.A. programme very shortly.

V.E.S. Polytechnic & Tulsi Technical Institute: Together offer a full time three year Diploma in the areas of Electronics Engineering, Computer Technology and Video Engineering.

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