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Spring 2003

ECE 699  PhD Thesis Research

ECE 600 Random Variables and Stochastic Processes - Dr E.J.Coyle

Engineering applications of probability theory. Problems on events, independence, random variables, distribution and density functions, expectations, and characteristic functions. Dependence, correlation, and regression; multi-variate Gaussian distribution. Stochastic processes, stationarity, ergodicity, correlation functions, spectral densities, random inputs to linear systems; Gaussian processes, Poisson Processes

ECE 608 Computational Models and Methods - Dr G.B.Adams

Computation models and techniques for the analysis of algorithm complexity. The design and complexity analysis of recursive and non-recursive algorithms for searching, sorting, set operations, graph algorithms, matrix multiplication, polynomial evaluation and FFT calculations. NP-complete problems.

Fall 2002

ECE 673 Distributed Computing Systems - Dr Y Charlie Hu
project: AWACS : Adaptive workload aware clustered servers

This course covers important principles of distributed computing. As a secondary goal, students will learn how to conduct a mini research project and how to communicate technical material effectively. There will be a substantial course project. Topics include Remote procedure call, group communication, distributed shared memory, distributed file systems, WWW infrastructure, peer-to-peer systems

ECE 547 Computer Communication Networks - Dr Ness Shroff

A qualitative and quantitative study of the issues in design, analysis, and operation of computer communication and telecommunication networks as they evolve toward the integrated networks of the future, employing both packet and circuit switching technology. The course covers packet and circuit switching, the OSI standards architecture and protocols, queueing theory for performance evaluation, random access techniques, local area networks, reliability and error recovery, and integrated networks

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