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Basic Television System: Sound and picture transmission, scanning process, camera pick-up devices, video signals, transmission & reception. Visual characteristics, colour specifications & signal analysis Resolving power of the eye, storage characteristics of brightness & colour in the visual process, system requirements for presentation of image details, scanning methods and video signals, low frequency requirements, estimate of system requirements, other aspects of the theory of scanning, bandwidth requirements for the adding of chrominance information.

Synchronisation & picture standards: Transmission of synchronising information, timing relation for interlaced scanning, basic synchronising wave form, standard NTSC signal, modulation property standards

Composite Video Signal: Analysis of Video signal components, horizontal sync. and blanking standard vertical sync. and sync. separation.

T.V. Cameras : Camera lenses, tubes, image orthicon, vidicon, plumbicon, comparison of tubes, video processing of camera pick up tube signals, silicon diode array vidicon / multi diode vidicon CCD cameras, colour TV cameras

Colour Television : Colour fundamentals, mixing of colours, colour perception, chromaticity diagram, colour TV picture tubes, colour TV transmission & reception, SECAM and PAL systems.

Broadcast TV receivers : Block schematic and functional requirements, trends in circuit design, receiving antennae, RF transmission lines, detectors, video amplifiers, audio systems and AGC methods.

Satellite system : Introduction, orbital aspect of satellite communication, Keplers laws, orbital mechanics, Low & high orbits, Geo-synchronous & geo-stationary orbits, Launching & orbital perturbations & Correction, equinox.

Satellite TV : Up-link, down-link frequencies, power levels & noise, Modulation & bandwidth of TV signals for satellite communication, transmitter, Satellite transponder, up converter, down converter, retransmission, earth station receiver, down converter low noise amplifier, re-modulation for broadcasting.

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