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Introduction : Open loop and closed loop systems, regulating systems, servo mechanisms, Transfer function & impulse response of system.

Study of components: OP-Amp as differential amplifier or error detector, stepper motor, synchro control transformer, synchro control transmitter, potentiometer & two phase servo motor.

Modelling of systems: RLC circuits, armature & field controlled dc motors, importance of a mathematical model.

Block diagrams: Various techniques of block diagram reduction, Masons gain formula & its application to block diagram reduction.

Transient response of systems: Importance of second order system models, time domain specifications of system & analysis of transient response using second order model.

Steady state error analysis: Types of systems, steady state error analysis of different types of systems using step, ramp, parabolic input signals.

Stability analysis: Introduction to the concept of stability, stability analysis using Routh -

Hurwitz criterion

Frequency domain analysis of systems : Frequency domain specifications of systems , Resonance peak & peak resonance frequency regarding complex poles and zeroes, Relationship between time & frequency domain specification of systems

Stability analysis of systems using Bode plots

Stability analysis of systems using root locus & the concepts of dominant, closed loop pole pair

Introduction to polar plots

Principle of argument & its application to the study of stability of systems.

Constant gain & phase loci & their use in the stability study of systems.

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