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Introduction to Microwave Communication

Need for microwave communication, Classification of frequency spectrum.

Microwave Waveguides : Rectangular and Circular Waveguides. Solutions of wave equations, TE and TM modes, Power transmission, Power losses.

Cavity Resonators : Analysis of rectangular cavity resonators, Quality factor of the cavity resonator, different types of cavities.

S – Parameters : Properties of S - parameters. Microwave Components and their S - matrix representation.

Microwave Ferrite Devices : Microwave Vacuum Tubes , Klystron, Reflex Klystron, Travelling Wave Tube and Magnetron.

Microwave Measurements : Measurement of frequency, power, wavelength and Standing Wave Ratio.

Microwave Solid State Devices : Detectors, Gunn Effect, IMPATT and TRAPATT diodes, their description, working and performance.

Optical Communication :

1. Need for Optical Communication, types of fibres, total internal reflection, propagation of light through fibres.

2. Optical fibre as a cylindrical waveguide, solution of wave equations.

TE, TM, Hybrid and L.P.Modes.

3. Dispersion in fibres, Losses in fibres.

4. Optical devices : LED, Laser Diode, Detectors, Connectors and Splices.

5. Optical communicating systems : Description and Working.

6. Fabrication of fibre : Different chemical processes for the fabrication of preforms, fibre drawing.

7. Measurements : Dispersion and Attenuation.

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