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The Pentium processor : Functional units of Pentium processor, overview of cache operation and cache types. Pentium cache overview. Pentium signals interface, address bus, data bus, misaligned transfers communication with 8, 16, 32, 64 bit devices, bus control signals, bus master signals, system test & initialisation. system management tools, reliability & error reporting.

Code cache & instruction : Pipeline, introduction to the prefetcher, Instruction branch prediction, code cache organisation and operation, the floating point pipeline . The data cache burst bus cycle. Introduction to internal data cache, bus cycle state machine, anatomy of write hit & miss , inquire cycles. bus overview, burst cycles, single transfer bus cyclepipelined & non pipelined, special cycles. Interrupt acknowledge bus cycle, bus cycle state machine, bus & bus state transition.

PCI Bus : Local bus concept, introduction to PCI bus operation, introduction to reflected wave switching, PCI bus functional signal groups. PCI bus arbitration, arbiter, arbitration algorithms, hidden bus arbitration, example of arbitration between 2 masters, bus access latency, PCI read & write transfers, PCI I/O addressing, Interrupt acknowledge, interrupt routing, interrupt chaining.

Peripheral bus interface : IDE interface, timing specifications, IDE protocol, model of an IDE disk drive. SCSI bus ,SCSI hardware, SCSI bus protocol.

Operating Systems : Introduction to operating systems, conceptual view of Microsoft Windows NT, Windows NT models-client server, object, Windows NT structure overview.

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