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Overview of microcomputer system, Hardware and Software principles.

Introduction to single chip microprocessor Intel MCS51 family.

Architectural and operational features, instruction set , timings , machine cycles, interrupt structures and priorities, internal timer / counter, serial interface. connection of external memory, power saving modes, EPROM programming for EPROM versions

Architecture and organisation of 8086/8088 microprocessor : Study of instruction set, assembly language programming, introduction to mixed language programming using C and assembly languages.8086 minimum and maximum mode operation, timing diagrams, 8288 bus controller.8086 interrupt structure.

Memory system design for 8086 : Interface of dynamic read/write memory, timing for memory interfacing, connection of I/O controllers,chips:8255,8259,UART 8250 programmable DMA 8237, data communications, EIA RS-232C & IEEE 488, error detection & correction--parity & cyclic redundancy check

The 8087 Co- Processor : Study of architecture of 8087 co-processor, host & 8087 interface, assembly language programming for 8086-8087 interface

Introduction to multi processors systems : Multiprocessor configurations, Study of 8289 bus arbiter, deign of 8086 based multi processors systems( without timing considerations)

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