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Introduction to microprocessors: Features, Programmers model, external & internal organisation.

8085 Architecture: 8085 Architecture & organisation, Instruction cycles, machine cycles and T-states, address decoding techniques, minimum system design, Memory interfacing with timing considerations, clock, reset & buffering circuits

8085 Instruction set : Instruction format, addressing modes, classification of instruction set.

8085 Programming: Assembly language programming:- basic structure, data transfer, arithmetical, logical, transfer of control & miscellaneous instruction types.

Stack & subroutines: Stack operations, limitations, subroutine concepts, parameter passing

techniques, subroutine design, delay subroutine design & applications, Re-entrant & recursive subroutines, concept of counters and timers.

I/O data transfer techniques : I/O interface concepts, speed considerations, program controlled I/O, asynchronous & synchronous I/O techniques interrupt driven program controlled I/O, direct memory access data control techniques, handshake signals, concepts of serial communication, matrix keyboard & multiplexed display interface.

Interrupts: Requirements, single level interrupt, multilevel interrupt & vector interrupt system, 8085 interrupt structure and its operation,8259A interrupt controller.

I/O controllers: Features, organisation & operating modes of 8155 multifunction device,8255 Programmable peripheral interface, 8254 programmable timer,8237 programmable DMA controller.

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