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Silicon Controlled Rectifier : High current SCR & TRIAC construction, Voltage & current ratings of SCR, turn on, turnoff, Holding & latching currents, di/dt, dv/dt ratings. Gate characteristics. Protection of SCR against over current, over voltage, dv/dt, di/dt.

Principles of working of IGBT, its characteristics & comparison with SCR


Characteristics, mode of operation & ratings, principle of working of DIAC, UJT. triggering using DIAC / UJT RC phase shift network and phase shift bridge

SCR applications :

Half controlled and full controlled bridge; D.C power control using SCR-UJT ; Speed torque regulators for DC motors using SCR-UJT; A.C power control using SCR-UJT; Soft-start circuits

Inverter & Chopper : Principles of operation , series & parallel inverters, simple chopper circuits like Jones chopper

Welding controls : SCR for welding, welding control circuits, SCR contactor, timers, synchronous timers

Regulated power supply: Series voltage regulator using D.C error amplifier, series losses & zener reference, comparison of the schematic circuit of IC723 or 3085 , short circuit protection, current regulators

Principles of high frequency heating, induction, dielectric heating methods

Design of SCR D.C . power control circuits

Design of A.C power control circuits including triggering circuits.

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