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DC motors:  E.M.F. equation, back emf of motors, torque equations, methodof excitation, characteristics of DC shunt, series and compound motors. Speed - torque characteristics of DC motors. Starters, principles of speed control and braking.

Three phase Induction Motors : Rotating magnetic field, construction and principle of operation, slip, rotor frequency, development of equivalent circuit, torque equation, maximum torque, torque-speed characteristics, speed control, starting methods, motor ratings.

Single Phase Motors : Principles of operation and characteristics of single phase induction motor, capacitor, shaded pole, reluctance, hysteresis types, stepper motor.

Measuring Instruments: Principles of moving iron, moving coil, rectifier ammeters and voltmeters, principles of dynamometer- wattmeter and induction type energy meters, principles of p.f. meter and frequency meter, use of current and potential transformers.

Measurement of R,L,C : Measurement of low, medium and high resistance. Wheatstone and Kelvin bridge method. Ohm meters, Megohm bridge and megger. AC bridge circuits for measurement of inductance, capacitance and Q- factor. Schering Bridge.

Potentiometer : Principles of simple DC and AC potentiometers and their applications, DC vernier potentiometer.

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