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TTL & CMOS logic families, comparison of operational characteristics,static input-output characteristics, compatibility of logic families, TTL-CMOS interface requirements, derating of manufactures drive specifications, special & load considerations, increasing drive capability.

TTL circuits

Equivalent circuits, operation of two input TTL NAND gate.

CMOS circuits, FET equivalent circuits , dynamic power dissipation, input protection, latchup. Noise margin of TTL & CMOS families.

Transient currents, Transient internal switching currents in TTL & CMOS devices, transient load currents, inductance, inductance of device package pins, ground bounce, inductance of component power connections, technique for minimising inductance & transient current effects.

Power distributions, component power connections, voltage drop across a plane, power supply to motherboard connections, decoupling capacitors, techniques for minimising transient current effects in power distribution systems.

Design considerations for synchronous systems, synchronous design practices.

Clock distributions, General considerations, clock distribution categories.

Signal interconnections & signal quality. Signal interconnection categories, physical & electrical interconnections, miscellaneous interconnections. Signal response, dynamic loads, static loading limits crosstalks, transmission line effects.

System timing. Device delays, circuit board interconnection delays, backpanel interconnection delays, unit to unit interconnection timing, examples of worst case timing analysis. Reset signals , recommended reset signal generator, reset signal distribution, reset signal phasing, loading & timing, reset signal generation & distribution techniques.

Unused inputs, unused TTL & CMOS input, pullup resistors, additional sources of current-limited pullup or pulldown voltages, paralleling inputs

Analogue precision circuits & low noise techniques. Precision versus dynamic range ,error budget, precision amplifier with automatic null offset, component errors, amplifier input & output errors

Amplifier noise. Origin & kinds of noise, signal to noise ratio & noise figure, transistor amplifier voltage & current noise, low noise design with transistors, FET noise, selecting low noise transistors, noise in differential & feedback amplifiers, noise measurements and sources. Measurements without and with noise source, noise and signal sources, interference, signal grounds, grounding between instruments

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