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Static electric fields in vacuum : Coulombs law, electrostatic potential gradient, fields due to point, line surface & volume charges, electric dipoles & its field.

Dielectric media : Polarisation, surface & volume charge densities due to polarisation, Displacement vector, boundary conditions

Gauss law & its applications

Laplace & Poissons equations

Electrostatic energy & force : Energy of a charge distribution, energy density, pressure & forces.

Method of images: Point charge & a conducting plane.

Steady electric current : Current density, equation of continuity.

Static magnetic fields in vacuum : Lorentz force equation, Biot-Savarts law & its applications, Amperes circuital law & its applications. Divergence and curl of B, magnetic scalar & vector potentials.

Electromagnetic induction: Faradays laws in integral & point form, simple problems.

Summary of the results in the form of Maxwells equations, modification of equations for time varying fields.

Uniform plane waves in free space : Derivation of wave equation & its solution in its simplest form, concept of space & time variations, E,H, & the direction of wave propagation, Intrinsic impedance, sinusoidally time varying uniform plane waves in free space, phase constant, wavelength, phase velocity, classification of waves for communication.

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