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Materials for resistors.

Carbon, wire wound, film etc., conductors and switches, electrical conductivity of alloys, colour code for resistors, elastic and plastic deformation of solids, strain hardening, brittleness, fibre structure and directional properties, annealing, hot and cold working, soldering, brazing and welding process and materials, fluxes.

Semiconductors : Conduction process in semiconductor, electrical conductivity of p and n type semiconductors, diffusion process, pn junction and current flow in pn junction., breakdown in pn junction, hall effect and its measurements.

Crystal growth ( especially epitaxial growth ) and I.C. fabrication.

Materials for photoconductive, photoemissive and solar cell.

Dielectric properties of insulators.

In static fields, polarization and dielectric constant. Dielectric constant of gases. The internal field in solids and liquids. Spontaneous polarization, ferroelectric materials. Types and values of condensers, temperature compensation, electrolytic capacitors.

Insulators - dielectric properties, permitting polarization, dielectric loss, non linear dielectric material, piezo electricity, ferro electricity, breakdown of solid insulators.

Magnetic properties of materials : The magnetic dipole moment of current loop, diamagnetism, origin of permanent dipole moment in matter. Paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, hysteresis, spontaneous magnetisation and Curie- Weiss law.Ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic materials and the effect of hardening.

Components : Resistors, thermistors, varistors, selenium surge suppresors, variable resistors, potentiometers, variable capacitors, characteristics of capacitors, inductors, transformers for If and Hf applications, relays, fuses, characteristics, heat sink materials, switches, connectors.

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