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Low and High frequency analysis of BJT and FET amplifier circuits.

Analysis of RC coupled amplifiers

Cascode Amplifiers, Darlington pair and DC amplifiers.

Design of two stage RC coupled amplifier.

Feedback Amplifiers.( Negative Feedback ) : Introduction to negative and positive feedback, current, voltage, series and shunt feedback. Its effect on input impedance, output impedance, voltage gain, current gain and bandwidth.

Oscillators : Positive feedback, oscillators using feedback principle. Derivation for

frequency of oscillation and conditions for maintenance of oscillations of ( i ) RC phase shift ( ii ) Wien Bridge ( iii ) Tuned collector / drain ( iv ) Tuned gate ( v ) Hartley / Colpitts ( vi )Crystal Oscillators.

Analysis of Differential Amplifier :Discrete components, operational amplifiers ( ideal ), Basic Op-Amp circuits.

Relaxation Oscillator and Linear Sweep Circuits.

Analysis of large signal amplifiers : Class A, B, AB and C. Design of audio frequency power amplifiers of class A and class B type.

Special Devices: Photo sensitive devices, display devices and Schottky diode.

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