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Basic Concepts and Quality of Measurement.

Review of Analogue and Digital systems : static and dynamic characteristics, First order, Second order instrumentation systems, responses to step, ramp, pulse, sine signals, System noise and signal to noise ratio.

Transducers for Process Measurement : Measurement of temperature, pressure, force, torque, vibrations, velocity, flow, level, pH, humidity, performance characteristics and selection for a given application.

Signal Conditioning : Systems such as Chopper stabilised amplifier, Instrumentation amplifier and selection for particular applications. Modulators and Demodulators. Active filters, design of 1st and 2nd order Butterworth filters, data transmission and telemetry ( only conceptual treatment ).

Automatic Controllers : Basics of feedback control systems and applications to measurement and control. Control actions - two position controllers, Floating controllers. Proportional, Derivative and Integral controller, Composite controllers such as Proportional Integral, Proportional Integral Differential ( PID ) controllers. Analysis and implementation of electronic controllers.

Data Acquisition Systems : Components of Analogue and Digital Acquisition system. Microprocessor and Computer based instrumentation system ( block diagram treatment ).

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