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Development of lateral surfaces of solids when cutting plane is perpendicular to H.P. or V.P. including curved cuts.

Intersection of surfaces of solids- prism, pyramid, cone or cylinder penetrated by any prism or cylinder.

Isometric & Oblique parallel projections, simple block and cylindrical type objects & spheres.

Primary auxiliary views of machine parts involving inclined surfaces.

Reading of orthographic projections, drawing of missing views & converting into sectional views.

Free hand sketches of the following machine elements

1. Rivet heads and riveted joints.

2. Thread profiles of IS V & square threads, metric, buttress, acme, knuckle, I.S. convention of representing external and internal V and square threads.

3. Bolts- hexagonal, square-prevention of rotation of bolts.

4. Nuts-hexagonal, square, wingnut locking by lock nuts, castle nut, split pin lock plate.

5. Studs- plain- collar.

6. Washer-plain, chamfered & spring washer.

7. Set screws.

8. Foundation bolts-rag, eye.

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