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Introduction: Review of binary and hexadecimal number system, Boolean logic & minimisation techniques.

Basic digital circuits: Basic operation of gates, noise margin, transfer characteristics, propagation delay & fan out, propagation delay of following: MOS inverter, MOS logic gates, CMOS inverter, CMOS logic gates, TTL gates, TTL logic LS, S families, ECL circuits, comparison. 

Combinational digital circuits: Functional logic diagram of following ICs & their working: Standard gate ICs , binary adder, subtractor & 4-bit ALU, digital comparator, Parity checker-generator decoder-demultiplexer, multiplexer, encoder.

Applications of combinational digital circuits : Multiplexers, demultiplexers-decoders, 4-bit adder, digital comparator, parity generator-checker, BCD- binary code converter, binary- BCD code converter, priority encoder,BCD-7 segment decoder & driver.

Sequential circuits & systems : Latch, clocked SR flip-flop, shift registers, asynchronous counters including design, synchronous counters including design.

Large scale digital integrated systems : Dynamic MOS devices, read write memory cell of dynamic memory, static RAM cell, RAM organization, 4 digit up/down counter 7217, LCD display systems.

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