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Designing with Analogue Integrated Circuits

Designing with OP-AMPs: zero crossing detector, logarithmic amplifier, VCO, instrumentation amplifier Designing of timing circuits with 555 for sinking and sourcing load current applications. Designing of temperature controller and small d.c motor controller using ICs SL440, CA3059,PA436 with Integrated Circuits.

Combinational circuit design:

Using gates: concept of lowest chip count, reduced SOP, POS forms for a logic function, multiple function minimisation using gate sharing

Using MSI chips: review of Multiplexers, Shannons theorem, mux trees, classification as type1, type2 . Type2 mux design, proper choice of select inputs using K maps. Designing with decoders using AND / NAND basis, implementing logic functions like PROM, PLA & PAL.

Synchronous sequential logic circuit design: Moore, Mealy and mixed type of synchronous state machines, analysis of Synchronous sequential circuits, ASM charts .System controllers using combinational MSI/LSI circuits. Methods of reduction, state assignment design steps leading to next state decoders use of D, JK& T flip-flop conversion of one f/f to another Design of single mode, multimode counters

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