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Introduction to Digital Transmission.

Different Techniques of Sampling the Signals : Natural Sampling and Flat top Sampling.

Digital Modulation Techniques : Binary and M-ary versions of PSK, ASK, FSK, MSK, Duo- Binary encoding, Tamed FM and Partial Response signalling.

Introduction to Probability Theory : Bayesian policy, Cumulative Distribution Function, Probability Density Function, error function and complementary error function.

Data Transmission : Integrator, Optimum Filter, Matched Filter and Correlation receiver.

Calculation of probability of error in PSK, ASK and FSK.

Coding Techniques : Cyclic Codes, Convolution Codes and linear block codes.

Introduction to frequency hopped and direct frequency spread spectrum techniques.

Advanced Communication Systems : Satellite Communication, Mobile radio and Broad band ISDN.

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