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Features of C, ANSI C, structure of a C program.

Character set, variable names, data types, constants and declarations, scope and lifetime of variables.

Arithmetic, logical, relational, increment, bitwise, assignment operators and expressions, conditional expressions, precedence of order of evaluation and type conversion.Basic input and output, formatted input and output.

Control structures : Concept of a block statement. IF, IF-Else, Switch,

Looping structures : FOR, DO, WHILE, Break and Continue statements, GOTO statement.

Functions : external variables, scope rules, nesting of functions, function of arrays.

Arrays : One dimensional, two dimensional and multi dimensional arrays, their initialisation and manipulation. String handling features.

Pointers : addresses, their initialisation, pointer arithmetic, pointers and functions, pointers and arrays, pointers to pointers, pointers to functions.

Structures and Unions. : Basics of structures, initialisation, structures and functions, structures and arrays, pointers to structures, structures within structures, unions and bit fields.

Dynamic Memory Management : malloc ( ) , calloc ( ) , free ( ), sizeof( ) functions.

File Management : Low level and high level file access. Sequential and random access files, error handling.

Pre processor : macro substitution, header file inclusion, study of standard libraries like stdio.h, ctype.h, string.h, math.h, stdlib.h, stdarg.h, dos.h

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