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AC Circuits : Sinusoidal voltage and current, waveforms, RMS and average value, form factor, crest factor, frequency, periodic time, behaviour of resistance, inductance and capacitance in AC circuit, RLC series and parallel circuit, phasor diagram, resonance, bandwidth and quality factor.

Polyphase Circuits : Three phase system of voltages and currents, star and delta connection, balanced three phase circuit, relationship between line and phase currents and voltages, phasor diagram, power in three phase circuits, measurement of power by one wattmeter, two wattmeter and three wattmeter methods.

Transformers : Construction of single phase transformers, function and working principle,

development of equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, O.C. and S.C. tests, efficiency and regulation, all day efficiency, condition for maximum efficiency.

Semiconductor Electronics : PN diode construction, characteristics, effect of temperature on diode, rectification using diodes, C, L, LC and PI filters. BJT construction, characteristics, CE, CB and CC configuration.


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