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Fundamentals of electricity : Units, electric current, Ohms law, Kirchoffs laws, loop and nodal analysis, series and parallel combination of resistances.

Network theorems : Star delta transformation, superposition theorem, Thevenins theorem,Nortons theorem, maximum power transfer theorem.

Electromagnetism : Amperes law, force between magnetic poles, field intensity, flux, flux density, Biot- Savarts law, mmf, reluctance, magnetisation curve, hysteresis loop and losses, series and parallel magnetic circuits, self and mutual inductance, laws of electromagnetic induction, Flemmings right and lefthand rule, energy stored in an inductor, rise and decay of current in r-l circuit, time constant.

Electrostatics : coulombs law, electric field, electric field intensity, electric flux and flux density, absolute electric field potential and potential difference, dielectric and dielectric strength, capacitance, parallel plate capacitor, composite parallel plate capacitor, energy stored, charging and discharging in r-c circuits, capacitances in series and parallel.

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