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Kinematics of a particle : Velocity and acceleration in terms of rectangular co-ordinate system. Rectilinear motion, motion along plane curved path., tangential & normal components of acceleration, acceleration-time, velocity-time graphs and their uses, projectile motion, simple harmonic motion.

Kinematics of rigid bodies : Translation, pure rotation & plane motion of rigid bodies, link mechanism, instantaneous centre of rotation for the velocity & velocity diagrams for bodies in plane motion, acceleration in plane motion, relative velocities.

Kinetics of particles and kinetics of rigid bodies : D'Alemberts principle, equation of dynamic equilibrium, linear motion, curvilinear motion, mass moment of inertia about centroidal axis & about any other axis. D'Alemberts principle for bodies under the motion of rotation about a fixed axis and plane motion. Application to motion of bars, cylinders, spheres.

Momentum and Energy principles: Linear momentum, principle of conservation of momentum, work done by a force. Work-energy equation, principle of conservation of energy, potential and kinetic energy & power, impact of solid bodies, elastic impact, semi elastic and plastic impact.

Simple Lifting Machines : Mechanical Advantage, Velocity Ratio & efficiency of the machine, law of machine, condition of maximum efficiency, self locking of the machine. Following machines will be studied- a) Single purchase crab, b) Double purchase crab, c) Differential wheel and axle, d) Differential pulley block, e) worm and worm wheel, f) Simple screw jack.

Stress & Strain : Stress, Strain, modulus of elasticity, Bulk modulus, yield stress, ultimate stress, factor of safety, shear stress, Poissons ratio, Bars of varying section, composite sections, temperature stresses.

Belt Friction : Transmission of power by belts and ropes, centrifugal and initial tension in the belts or ropes. Condition for maximum power transmission. Flat belts on flat pulleys & ropes on grooved pulleys.

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