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System of Coplanar Forces : Resultant of concurrent forces, parallel forces and non parallel non concurrent system of forces. moment of force about any point, couples, Varignons theorem, distributed forces in plane. Centroids of plane areas Center of gravity of wires bent into different shapes, moment of inertia of plane areas. Equilibrium of system of coplanar forces

Conditions of equilibrium for concurrent, parallel and non concurrent, non parallel system of forces and couples. types of supports, determination of reactions at supports for various types of structures.

Analysis of pin jointed plane frames : Perfect frame ,method of joints, method of sections.

Forces in space : Resultant of concurrent, parallel ,general force system. moment of a force about a point, finding scalar and vector components of the force and the moment of the force along the axis.

Equilibrium of forces in space : Condition of equilibrium ,application to simple space pin jointed frames having roller/hinged supports by method of joints.

Friction : Laws of friction, cone of friction ,equilibrium of bodies on an inclined plane, application to problems involving wedges ,ladders, screw jack etc.

Virtual work : Equilibrium for an ideal system, applications to the reactions of beam with internal hinges and link systems.

Graphic statics : Bows notation, force polygon, funicular polygon, Maxwell diagram, problems involving beam reactions, centroid of plane areas or bent bars, determination of forces in trusses.

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