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Theory of production of X-rays : Continuous and Characteristic X-rays spectra, X-ray diffraction, Laue spots, Braggs law and Moseleys law. Determination of crystal structure. Braggs spectrometer method and power method.

Optics : Interference in thin film, Newtons rings and fringes in wedge shaped films. Fraunhoffer diffraction grating ( with derivation of formula ).

Principles of Laser : Spontaneous and Stimulated radiation, Population inversion, Pumping methods. Ruby and He-Ne laser, Carbon dioxide laser, Semiconductor lasers ( Dye lasers and holography ).

Fibre Optics : Types of optical fibres, step index and graded index, numerical aperture.

Communication through optical fibres

Dual nature of matter : DeBroglie waves, Verification of matter waves, uncertainty principle, electron microscope- Introduction and application.

Detection and measurement of radiation : Structure of nuclear binding energy, Nuclear fission. Nuclear reactors, Nuclear fusion. Detection and measurement of nuclear radiation by emulsion plates, cloud chamber & Bubble chamber.

Super Conductivity : Basic theory, Meissner effects, London equation, properties of super conductors.

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