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Elements of Crystal Structure : Packing Factor, Diamond cubic and Barium Titanate structure, Miller indices, indices of crystal directions, ligancy and critical radius ratio of ionic crystals, crystal imperfections, expression of equilibrium, number of point defects.

Formation of energy bands and classification of solids : Conductors, insulators, semi conductors, intrinsic p and n type, semiconductor diode as a rectifier, npn and pnp transistors.

Ultrasonics : Piezoelectric and magnetostriction effect ,piezoelectric crystals, quartz and ceramics, ultrasonic transducers, application: echo sounding, thickness measurement, cavitation and non-destructive testing, flaw detection.

Thermoelectric Effect : Law of intermediate temperatures and metals, neutral temperature and inversion temperature, peltier effect, thermocouple as a temperature measuring device, semiconductor as a device to measure temperature.(thermistors)

Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields : Magnetic and Electrostatic Focusing, cathode ray tube ,cyclotron, mass spectrograph.( Aston and Bain bridge ).

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