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Phase rule : Basic principles of phase rule, application of phase rule to water system. Condensed phase rule, allotropes of iron, study of iron-carbon equilibrium diagram.

Corrosion : Definition, electrochemical theory of corrosion, factors affecting the rate of corrosion, different types of corrosion, protection against corrosion, factors affecting the rate of corrosion - design and selection. Cathodic and anodic protection, protective coatings- metallic, inorganic, organic coatings, corrosion inhibitors.

Fuels : Classification, calorific value, determination by bomb calorimeter and Dulongs formulae, problems based on calorific value, characteristics of fuel, types of coal and its analysis. Preparation and properties of metallurgical coke. Liquid fuels, classification, refining of petroleum, thermal and catalytic cracking, synthetic gasoline, purification of gasoline, knocking, octane and cetane number, anti knock agents. Gaseous fuels - natural gas, coal gas, producer gas, water gas. Problems based on combustion of fuels.

Cement : Raw materials, composition, method of manufacture : wet and dry process.Properties of cement, setting and hardening of cement, testing of cement.

Alloys : Introduction, purpose of making alloys, composition. Properties and uses of plain carbon steels and alloy steels - heat resistant steel, shock resistant steels, magnetic steels, corrosion resistant steels, tool steels. Non Ferrous alloys - Copper(Brass, Bronze, German Silver), Nickel (Nichrome, Monel), Aluminium (Duralumin, Y-alloy, Magnalium), Lead and Tin (Solders, Brazing alloys, type metal, wood metal ).

Biotechnology : Introduction, application to waste treatment, energy development, industrial product development, basic ideas of industrial fermentation.

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