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Operational amplifier, specifications, characteristics & working

- functional diagram & specifications of OP-AMP 741

- DC, AC, characteristics

Linear applications of OP-AMP : Inverting & non inverting amplifier, summing amplifier, differentiator, integrator, adder, subtractor, instrumentation amplifier, voltage follower V-I, I-V converter precision rectifier, peak detector, clipper, clamper, sample/hold circuit, log, antilog amplifier, multiplier, gyrator Oscillator- phase shift oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator

Switching applications : Comparators, zero crossing detector, window detector, Schmitt trigger, monostable, astable, triangular wave generator, ramp, square wave generator , VCO

Voltage Regulators : -specifications, of 723 regulators like 78xx series & LM317, working of switching mode regulator like SG1524

555 Timer : Functional diagram, specifications, applications as monostable, astable, bistable, missing pulse detector, pulse width modulator.

Phase Locked Loop: Functional block diagram, working principles & specifications of IC NE565, applications like frequency divider, frequency multiplier, digital PLL4046

Analogue / Digital conversion : Different types of A/D, D/A, converters, study of DAC0808 & ADC 0809.unction generator IC 8038, analogue multiplexer IC, 4 quadrant multiplier, DVM IC 7107 block diagram

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