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Summer 2002

Information Security - Dr Tim Shimeall

Spring 2002

Wireless Transmission Technologies - Dr Rohit Negi
project: Design of a W-CDMA transmitter and receiver

Distributed Operating Systems and Algorithms - Dr Raj Rajkumar
project: Cachemakers : a co-operative distributed DNS caching system

ECE PhD Teaching Internship (Wireless Networks)

MS Thesis Credits

Fall 2001

Computer Network Programming - Dr Srinivasan Seshan
project: Design and Implementation of a web server, a complete implementation of IP and ICMP,  
statefull firewalling and dynamic NAT

Network Design & Evaluation - Dr Peter Steenkiste
project: Design and Implementation of Random Early Drop schemes  using the Intel IXP 1200 Network Processor

Optical Networks - Dr Ozan Tonguz
project: Wavelength routing placement for minimization of cost in WDM networks

Communication Systems - Dr VK Bhagavatula

Probability and Decision Theory - Dr Tony Smith

Summer 2001

Data Structures & Algorithms - Prof Greg Kesden

Java Programming - Prof Timothy Hoffman

Distributed Systems and Object Technology - Adj Prof Paullete Genes Rihely
project: Design and Implementation of a distributed web banking system

Spring 2001

Internet Services - Dr David O Hallaron
research paper: Personalized Content Distribution & Caching : Design & Implementation
presentation: Operating System Design for Web Servers

Mobile & Wireless Networks - Dr. Ozan Tonguz
research paper: Multiple Access Schemes for Data over LEO Satellites

Telecom Technology, Policy & Management -Dr Marvin Sirbu
research paper: FCC Request for Comments for Broadband Internet Services

Information Warfare  - Dr Tim Shimeall, Dr H Scott Matthews
research paper: Design & Implementation of an online privacy monitoring system

Software Engineering  & Design- Dr K Stolarick
project: UML application and process design of a web application

Corporate Telecom Networks - Dr Marvin Sirbu
research paper: A Content Delivery Architecture with Guarantees

Database Management - Dr Xavier Lerch
report: Data warehousing applications for the telecom sector

Management of Information Systems - Dr Sandra Slaughter
project: Web storefront design and implementation

Fall 2000

Operating Systems Design and Implementation - Prof Gregory Kesden
project: unix shell implementation, kernel device driver implementation, a full unix clone kernel implementation, a full file system implementation

Telecommunication Networks - Dr Jon Peha
project: Opnet simulations of LAN systems and design of a emergency response network

Ecommerce Technology - Prof Mike McCarthy
project: java based encryption implementation, financial markup language parser, client / server programming using RMI

Business Management - Prof David Lamont
project: strategic management of a company in a simulated competitve market

Managerial Ecnomics - Dr W Robert Dalton

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