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The early years in Bombay

In the year 1982 we shifted to Bombay from Gwalior. We stayed at a Peddar Road in Bombay initially but finally shifted to a sea facing apartment on Napeansea Road after some time.

I joined the Hill Grange High school on Peddar road for a period of six months.

child18.jpg (39154 bytes)

The kindergarten gang of Hill Grange

I then joined the infant section, located at Malabar Hill of the Cathedral & John Connon High School in 1983.......

child20.JPG (61500 bytes)

Looking at a girl while pretending to sing

Then I joined the junior section, located at Fort, of the same school...

child10.JPG (38985 bytes)

All dressed up and nowhere to go

I participated in quite a few school plays to further my political ambitions.....

By becoming an idol for the BJP.....

child21.JPG (64283 bytes)

Aiming aimlessly

and then of the Congress.....

child22.JPG (56994 bytes)

Preaching "ahimsa" with a stick


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